Faxon Firearms

Faxon Firearms

We at TCA believe in the Faxon mission of "Manufacturing Strategic Solutions for Tactical Problems." Faxon has a long history of excellence in machining quality parts, and we are especially impressed with their wide range of exceptional-quality barrels for extremely competitive prices.

Bob Faxon and Barry Faxon are avid gun enthusiasts, collectors, and marksmen.  They are both Eagle Scouts, members of the NRA, and proud defenders of the 2nd Amendment.  And, not coincidentally, Bob and Barry have been solving machined product manufacturing problems for three decades as the owners and managers of Faxon Machining, Inc.

Faxon Machining has machined more than 30,000,000 parts, has performed more than 6,500,000 hours of machining, and more than 125,000 hours of engineering services for customers. Some of the company’s machined parts have gone into the most complex, expensive and risk intense mechanical systems ever devised. Throughout the years, Faxon Machining, with extensive certifications and world class performances has earned its way to working with world class customers.  This has resulted in providing parts used on the ocean floor, for the oil industry, in theaters of combat protecting our warfighters, in the cars you drive, in the aircraft you fly in, on the Space Station, and now on Mars.

Now all of this experience and capabilitiy has been focused with the goal of providing a unique and innovative upper receiver for the AR-15 platform.